The most comprehensive teaching on color designed specifically for the artist is now available online!

Suitable for all artists from beginner to advanced.

100 minutes of teaching by Rita H. Johnson, recorded live in Broken Arrow OK, August 2018

Topics include:

  • How to make your paintings glow

  • Navigating the confusing paints available from different sources.

  • Color Temperature

  • Color Value

  • Color Intensity/Chroma

  • Key Color Values

  • Color Wheel

  • Monochromatic and complimentary color schemes

  • Color Harmony

  • Color Discords

  • Analogous Color Wheel

  • Dimensionalizing color

2 DVD Package  $29.95

MP4 Video Download $14.95

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MP4 Video on a USB Flash Drive $24.95

Understanding Color for Artists‚Äč

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"Understanding Color for the Artist."

 Written, produced and taught by Rita H. Johnson

Recorded and edited by Aslan Media, Broken Arrow, OK